Interview with Mrs. Messerschmitt

Mrs. Messerschmitt, thank you for taking time for our conversation. Let’s start from the very beginning: what was the basic idea that led to founding Messerschmitt?

Well, the central aspect of Messerschmitt Systems has always been security. Back then, by the time we founded the company, it was all about access control and safety for highly sensitive areas such as research and development departments or staff areas. Messerschmitt Systems provided solutions for them.

With our know-how from the electronic access control sector, we entered the market of “keycard systems for the ambit hotel“. This market was growing strongly back then. We specialised in the special needs of hotels and were quickly able to gain a foothold there. I think, our technological advance was our biggest strength.

What remains in your memory from the first critical year of the company? What was your most important lesson?

Messerschmitt Systems has been an owner-managed company from the start. In order to establish our business, to make a name of it, particularly in the first years, we had to roll up our sleeves and work hard together. This time was characterised by great individual effort. There was hardly time off, no vacation and rarely a free weekend. We put all our ambition into developing state-of-the-art technology for flawless product ideas, and putting them into practice successfully. That’s what kept us going.

What do you consider the greatest strengths of Messerschmitt? What, in your view, were the most important milestones?

I consider it a great strength of Messerschmitt Systems to be capable of listening to the customer. You have to understand where „the shoe pinches“, what challenges they face, and how you can help. Gathering the customers’ desires, incorporating them into the development of new systems and implementing them in a practicable way: that’s what powered us forward over the past decades.

Talking about milestones: in addition to our keycard systems, we have developed new applications and products for hotel rooms as well, such as energy control systems, that give you full control over all energy sources inside the room. Therefore, the hotel can not only save energy, but also help the environment.

Surely, you have come across systems by Messerschmitt during private hotel stays. How did that feel?

Of course, I have stayed in hotels using our systems more than once. Today, you can find Messerschmitt technology in hotels all over the world. And not only in business hotels, but also in stunning resorts, that leave no desires unfulfilled. It makes you proud, when everything works well and the customer is happy.

It’s also quite amusing, when hotel personnel explain our system at check-in, which I always listen to with great interest, of course. It would often start priceless conversations, when an employee asks about the identical name.

Where do you see potential for the future – also with the experiences from the COVID pandemic in mind?

The Corona virus clearly shows us our vulnerability right now, and how sudden restrictions can turn our daily life upside down. It’s also up to Messerschmitt Systems to be a reliable partner for the hotel business that has been hit so hard by this crisis. I’m not actively involved in the company anymore, but I know they do – e.g. with contactless check-in systems or antibacterial keycards.

Environment protection is another important topic of our time. Messerschmitt has already come up with effective, sustainable offers such as a plastic-free keycard or the above-mentioned energy control systems. There are many challenges, but also many new opportunities in this field. In short: a lot to be done for Messerschmitt Systems.

At this point, I would like to thank our qualified and reliable long-term employees for their effort and their work. The various technological progresses are their achievement. I’m very happy seeing Messerschmitt Systems pursuing its successful path also under new management. Today, it’s digital solutions such as cloud-based services and the “Internet of Things” where Messerschmitt as a brand can start one or two revolutions within hotel technology. And I’m sure, they will.

Mrs Messerschmitt, thank you for the interview!