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The hygienic RFID Sticker

Our disposable RFID stickers offer you the hygienic alternative and supplement to our reusable PVC cards. The stickers can be placed on all adhesive surfaces and can be removed at any time. For example, place them on the back of your guests‘ mobile phone or your hotel business card. We are happy to assist with bespoke design. Let your guests see and feel the hygiene precaution you are taking for their safety.


Feel free to call or e-mail us to receive a free sample.

OsKa at the Flemings Hotel Frankfurt

OsKa, our efficient self-check in terminal gives you and your guests a unique experience right from the beginning of your stay! Curious how it works ? See our installation at the Flemings Hotel Frankfurt!

Individual solution for Interalpen Hotel

We are pleased to announce another individual solution together with the Interalpen Hotel in Tirol, Austria.

The integration of the Interalpen logo into the intercom systems was carried out at the customer's request and was implemented to the client‘s utmost satisfaction thanks to our unique manufacturing process where even tiny items can be fully customized.

We say thank you for the trust and the great cooperation.

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